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About Us


Our mission


Science for Online Students exists to teach.  We encourage students by teaching them the skills they need to succeed in these subjects -- subjects that are genuinely difficult.  Not everybody will or can excel in science subjects, but everybody can achieve true competence.


Our history


Dr. B has wanted to be a teacher since the sixth grade and in the seventh through eleventh grades narrowed the field to Chemistry.  After teaching off and on for a number of years in between working as a chemist in industry, he decided to move full-time to academia in 2006.  That has been rewarding, though not any smoother a path than an industrial career.  After successfully "flipping the classroom" in a Fundamentals of Chemistry class a few years ago, he is now focusing on online teaching, and specifically online tutoring.


Additional Academic Resources


This site is under the over-arching umbrella of Science for Online Students, which is mainly focused on short video clips showing students the  details of working Chemistry problems.  Since it does not require live interaction and is always available, the tagline is S O S — Help When You Need It.


You can experience some of Dr. B's teaching / explaining style in his YouTube Channel of the same name.




Dr. Bruce Bradley has earned BS and PhD degrees in Chemistry and has a combined experience in industry and academia of over 30 years.


Using these links, you can (1) learn more about the Tutoring Policies, (2) fill out the Student Setup online form, and (3) Book a Tutoring Session Online.