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It's Different







     Chemistry is well known as the most difficult subject most people ever study.  Mostly, that’s because it’s so different from other subjects, especially in these four ways:

1.  Its content is different, even strange, especially at first.  It also requires a whole new language with its own vocabulary.

2.  You have to think differently than you’re used to thinking.

3.  It is absolutely cumulative:  every new piece builds on everything that came before and you have to learn and remember it all.

 4.  It requires A LOT OF WORK, probably more than you’ve ever had to do for any other subject.

You Can Learn Chemistry!

It's Difficult







     Using the same study habits that work well for you in English and History may not work here.

     Yes, Chemistry is hard, but that’s true for all of us.  It’s definitely “equal opportunity” that way.  But you don’t have to be super smart to do well.  Mastering the subject of Chemistry is more, even much more, the result of hard work than of raw intelligence.

     The biggest problem comes if you FALL BEHIND.  The teacher or professor may have told you that you need to keep up every day, but hardly anybody actually does.  Me neither, sometimes – and my grades then showed it.  If you’re willing to work, I CAN HELP YOU CATCH UP, KEEP UP, and even GET AHEAD.

It's Doable—Totally! 







     One introductory short session (15 minutes) is FREE.  Group sessions are available at reduced cost per student.

1.  Read the Tutoring Policies and Information document, which  includes lots of information about me, how this works, and charges, including group rates.

2.  Complete the online Student Setup form.  Completing this form before the first session will save time. If it’s not completed ahead of time, that’s what we will have to do in the free introductory session.
3.  Book tutoring sessions online